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How Can I Get More Leads Into the Com Portal?

So you've set up PSAI and are looking forward to using the Com Portal to engage with leads, uncover Predictive Insights™ , and manage lead flow by assigning leads to your team. Great! We're sharing some easy ways to jumpstart the leads flowing into your Com Portal so you can take advantage of PSAI right away.

Launch a Storm Campaign

Storm campaigns allow you to target specific storm swaths on a map and then get Facebook and Instagram ads directly in front of those affected homeowners. Launch a storm campaign after a storm has hit (or even for a live storm!), and you'll make sure you're reaching potential customers before anyone else.

Explore how easy it is to launch your storm campaign:

Launch an Ads Manager Campaign

PSAI Ads Manager helps you create highly targeted and compelling ads in a number of categories—from special discounts to before-and-after projects to completely custom designs. The ad's design and copy are powered by AI insights, and the homeowner audience is custom-targeted to make sure you're reaching the most conversion-ready leads on Facebook and Instagram.

Find out more about Ads Manager and launch your ad campaign in minutes:

Get More Site Tools Going

PSAI site tools are an easy way to boost your lead conversion engine. Simply create a new tool from your PSAI platform and then drop it onto your website. Site tools range from embedded quote forms to textable phone numbers—and all leads flow directly into your Com Portal.

To get more leads into your Com Portal, try creating more site tools that encourage website visitors to convert:

If your on-site conversion tools aren't bringing in many leads over time, it's worth taking a look at your website traffic. More site traffic may be needed to see meaningful conversions via chat, quote forms, and other tools.

Did you know? You can also take advantage of PSAI's site tools directly within Facebook.  Set up Facebook Business Chat.

Flow Leads from Your CRM or LISA Platform

 Another way to get more leads flowing into your Com Portal is to bring them in from other sources:

  • Your CRM: We can pull leads from many CRMs into the Com Portal, allowing you to see leads in your CRM like always while taking advantage of the Com Portal's powerful technology—from Predictive Insights™ to SMS and email.
  • Your LISA Platform: If you're a Spectrum Enterprise customer with us, then we can connect your LISA admin so that all leads flow into the Com Portal as well as the admin. 

To connect your CRM or LISA platform to PSAI, please reach out to your Spectrum Client Manager or submit a support ticket.