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What Does Archiving a Conversation Do?

Archiving a conversation in the Com Portal is a way of hiding the engagement and removing the corresponding data from your PSAI dashboard. Learn more below.

1. Hides the Conversation

When a conversation is archived, it is immediately hidden from the lead queue, and PSAI users can no longer interact with it. The conversation will no longer appear in any lead bucket: Unassigned, Mine, Closed, or Assigned.

The only way to view archived conversations is to apply a filter


Archived conversations are marked in the lead queue by a file box icon, as shown below.


2. Removes It from Summary Data

Archiving conversations will not only hide the conversation from view, but it will also remove that conversation from summary data on your PSAI dashboard. Once archived, the conversation will no longer be counted in any of the panels shown below (Inquiry Types, Total Leads, etc.).


For this reason, we only recommend archiving leads that are truly not leads—such as leads that your own team has submitted in the course of testing out a quote form, Facebook chat, or other PSAI site tool.

If you would like to mark a conversation as "completed" without impacting your lead summary data, please close the lead instead of archiving it.

Note: Customers Can Still Reply

Even after you've archived a conversation, the customer can still reply. If/when a customer replies to an archived conversation, it will move out of its hidden location and back into its original lead bucket. From there, you can take all of the normal actions to communicate with the customer.


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