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Why Share Lead Data Through the Com Portal?

By adding someone as an external user of PSAI, you'll be able to share lead data directly from the Com Portal. Of course, you could always jot down a lead's contact information and send it to your field reps or other team members by email or why use the Com Portal instead?

Below are just a few reasons why we recommend sharing data directly through the Com Portal.

If you're new to this feature, learn how to share a contact with an external user.

More Information

By sharing a contact through the Com Portal, you can send so much more than the lead's basic contact information. You can also send weather reports, the Predictive Match Index (PMI), the Predictive Portrait, and more.

When sharing a contact, simply check the boxes to select exactly what data you want to share.


More Accurate Information

Because all data will be gathered and sent automatically from our database to your external team member, there's no opportunity for potentially costly manual errors such as typos or misspellings. You'll know that your external team members are receiving the correct information every time.

Multiple Sending Methods

You can choose to share the contact by email, SMS, or both, depending on your company's workflow and your recipient's preference. Again, just check the boxes that apply for this specific situation.


Better Lead Tracking

All activity completed with any lead is saved and recorded in your Com Portal for future reference. That means that whenever you share a contact, it'll be recorded and timestamped in that lead's file.

Just look back at the Engagement History panel, highlighted in the screenshot below, to see exactly when you shared the lead contact and with whom.



The more you utilize the Com Portal for all of your customer communications, the easier it will be to stay organized across all of your lead generation efforts. Everything flows into the Com Portal, and all communications can be done there, too.

Learn more about using the Com Portal effectively in our comprehensive beginners' guide.