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Using Storm Campaign Landing Pages for Canvassing

PSAI's storm campaigns may seem like a totally online lead generation effort—the ads are on Facebook, after all. But in reality, you can use our automated storm campaigns for in-person lead generation, too. From doorknocking to trade shows, almost any in-person sales or marketing interaction can benefit from the added value of an instantly generated extreme weather report.

This article explains how to take advantage of an online storm campaign for offline leads.

How to Use a Storm Campaign Landing Page for In-Person Leads

Although PSAI storm campaigns do revolve around a highly targeted Facebook ad campaign, they don't end there. Each storm campaign also comes with an automatically generated, custom-branded landing page. And it's this landing page that can be easily incorporated into your in-person canvassing strategy.

If you haven't yet launched a storm campaign, here's an example of what your branded landing page will look like.


Because this landing page is available online, it's simple for your in-person canvassers to use as they go through local neighborhoods. (Don't worry—the URL is not easily accessible or guessable, so you won't have random people finding it. But it is easy to provide to your canvassers.)

Here's how the process works:

  1. You launch a storm campaign through the PSAI dashboard.
  2. Once your storm campaign is live, make note of your landing page's unique URL.
  3. Give that URL to your canvassing team, so they can have it pulled up on their phone or tablet as they doorknock.
  4. When the canvassers arrive at a home, they can open the landing page directly, enter the homeowner's information, and immediately generate an extreme weather report for that address.
  5. While showing the weather return, the canvasser can encourage the homeowner to schedule a consultation. If the homeowner declines to set an appointment, the canvasser can still ask to email or SMS the report to the homeowner—further nurturing the lead and establishing a clear follow-up step, which can be done by communicating through the Com Portal.

What to Know Use This Strategy

To put this strategy into practice for your doorknocking or canvassing, you'll have to know how to set up a storm campaign from your PSAI Weather Center.


To get started with your storm campaign, review the instructions and additional resources below:

Benefits to This Strategy

Using your storm campaign landing page while doorknocking or canvassing has several benefits:

  • For many homeowners, receiving a custom storm report—based on their specific address—is much more compelling than a generalized sales pitch. A storm report may be the tipping point that convinces the homeowner to actually schedule an appointment with you.
  • All leads that are entered through your storm campaign landing page will automatically flow into your Com Portal. That means you'll be able to communicate with the lead later and take advantage of PSAI's predictive technology.
  • You'll basically be getting a dual return on your storm campaign investment. The Facebook ads will work to generate leads online, but you'll also be using the landing page for additional in-person lead capture. Since your custom landing page is already included in your storm campaign, this is just a bonus use at no additional cost.
  • Because it's branded to your company, your storm campaign landing page is perfectly customer-facing. The canvassers can show off the landing page and use it to establish greater credibility and professionalism. They can even have homeowners fill out the form themselves if it suits your preferred sales scripts/practices.
  • As long as they know the URL, your canvassers can access your storm campaign landing page without requiring access to your company's PSAI admin portal. If your canvassers are outside contractors rather than internal PSAI users, this strategy can help keep sensitive and/or private data secure while still maximizing opportunity for lead generation.


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