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How to View Storms Happening Right Now

Want to view storms happening right now? It's easy. Follow the instructions below to find all live and recently active storms anywhere on the PSAI Weather map—either nationwide or within a specific geographic area.

In any list of storms, look for the "LIVE" tag to know that the storm has occurred within the last 24 hours or less!


View Nationwide Storms

1. View Latest Storm

If you'd like to see the most recent and/or live storms occurring anywhere in the country, click the button to View Latest Storm from your PSAI Weather Center.


2. Zoom into Storms of Interest

This will bring you to a nationwide map view with storm swaths displayed for the most recent storms (occurring within the last 24 hours). 


Having trouble seeing the swaths? You can click the "Hide Layers" button to increase the opacity of the swaths.


From the nationwide view, you can then zoom in on any swath to refine your search further. Once you've located a current storm of interest, you can start your storm campaign right away.

View Storms in a Specific Location

1. View Map

If you'd like to see recent and live storms happening in a specific location, start by clicking View Map from your PSAI Weather Center.


2. Go to Your Preferred Area

Use the search bar to search by a specific address or click, drag, and zoom around the map to find your preferred geographic location.


3. View Storm Dates

Once you're centered on your geographic location of choice, click View Storm Dates.


This will calculate a list of all the storms to hit this specific location. Any storms happening right now (or having occurred within the last 24 hours) will be marked by a blue "LIVE" tag.


Don't see a recent storm that you know occurred? See this article for possible reasons why a recent storm is not showing.

If there's a live storm happening now within your service areas, we recommend taking action quickly! Engaging with homeowners while extreme weather is immediately top of mind will greatly increase their chances of converting into a customer.

Learn how to start your storm campaign here.