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How to Create a Weather Widget


The PSAI weather widget gives homeowners the opportunity to receive a customized storm report that reveals the most recent weather events to have affected their roof. Learn how to create a weather widget in the instructions below. 

These instructions explain how to create a weather widget site tool in PSAI. Once it's created, you'll need to add it to your website; further instructions are linked at the bottom of this article.

1. Go to Site Tools

After logging into PSAI, go to Site Tools from the left-hand navigation bar.


2. Click Create Tool

From the Site Conversion Tools page, click Create Tool in the upper right corner.


3. Choose Weather Widget

From the menu of options, choose Weather Widget and then click Next.


4. Set the Display Type and Color

Next, choose the way you'd like your Weather Widget to be displayed on your website. (Not sure what to select? View examples of the three display types here.) You can also set an app color theme or enter your own hex value, which impacts the header and the button of your weather widget.


5. Add URLs

Next, add any URLs on which this weather widget will appear. (By default, the website connected to your PSAI company settings will be pre-populated. You can add other websites as needed.)


Only the URLs entered here will be able to display your weather widget. If you need to add more URLs later, you can do so by editing the site tool.

6. Add Email and Phone for Notifications

Next, enter the email addresses and/or phone numbers for anyone who should get notified when a lead interacts with this weather widget. (This might be a sales rep, an office scheduler, etc.)

At least one email address is required, and you can always change these settings later.


To make this step easier, PSAI will suggest saved email addresses and phone numbers as you type them!


Want to add new phone numbers or email addresses to this list? Learn how to save this information to a PSAI user's profile.

7. Give a Name and Create the Tool

Give your weather widget a name and then click Create Tool.


The name you give to your site tool will be used to label leads the Com Portal. We recommend choosing a name that is short and easy to recognize.

8. Customize Your Weather Widget

After you've created your new site tool, you'll be brought to the Settings page for this new weather widget. Click into the Customize tab to make all the changes you'd like.


Next: Add It to Your Website

After you've created your weather widget, you'll need to add it to your website. The instructions vary slightly depending on the display type you've chosen: