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I'm a LISA Customer. Can My PSAI Leads Flow into the LISA Admin?

Yes! As a Spectrum enterprise client, you can easily connect your PSAI leads to your LISA platform, allowing you to track your leads even more precisely through the LISA admin. Learn more below.

How Do I Set Up This Connection?

Lead flow from PSAI to LISA is done by setting up an endpoint, but you actually do not have to do anything! 

Whenever you create a new site tool, storm campaign, or Ads Manager ad, your LISA admin endpoint will automatically populate in the appropriate field (as shown below). This automated process makes it easy to flow your PSAI leads into LISA without any manual set-up required from you.


If you'd like to add your LISA admin URL to a previously published site tool or ad campaign, then follow these instructions on flowing PSAI leads to the LISA admin.

Where Can I View PSAI Leads in the LISA Admin?

You'll view leads from PSAI apps in the same spot as the rest of your leads: under Contact Manager > Activity.


What Lead Information Is Tracked in the LISA Admin?

You'll be able to view the same information for PSAI app leads as you would for any other lead source in your LISA admin. This includes:

  • Contact information
  • Lead source
  • Date and time
  • Landing page
  • Converted page
  • Page type

This additional lead data is one of the key benefits to connecting your PSAI leads to your LISA admin. You'll have even more precise tracking capabilities and can use this information to optimize the placement and design of your PSAI apps.

Did you know? You can also set up lead flow in the opposite direction—having your LISA leads flow into PSAI so that you can take advantage of the Com Portal to communicate and engage. Learn more about getting started with LISA and PSAI.