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How to Create a New Phone Number

PSAI phone numbers allow you to create a local phone number that you can track in PSAI. You can view incoming phone calls, listen to voicemail recordings, receive and respond to SMS messages, and more.

Create a new phone number by following the instructions below.

New to PSAI phone? Then get acquainted by starting with our overview of phone numbers

1. Go to Site Tools

Navigate to your Site Conversion Tools dashboard by clicking Site Tools from the left-hand navigation menu.


2. Create a Tool

To add a new site tool, click the button for Create Tool.


3. Select Phone Number

From the site tools menu, choose Phone Number.


Please note that you'll receive a warning message like the one below if you've met the number of phone numbers allowed based on your PSAI subscription


Continuing to create the phone number will entail the charge listed, or you can contact us about upgrading your account.

4. Choose a Location

First, choose a location associated with this phone number. (Setting the location will determine whether a lead is within your service area and thus whether the lead is passed on or excluded.)

Note about locations: The Nationwide option will consider all leads in the United States to be within your service area. The All Locations option will instead check to see whether the lead falls within any of your locations.

5. Select Your Preferred AI Assistance

On the next screen, select your preferred set-up for AI assistance. (More on each option beneath the screenshot.)

Here's what each option means:

  • AI Assisted Chat ONLY: Whenever a lead texts this phone number (regardless of time of day), GIA will collect as much information as possible and then flow the lead into the Com Portal, where your team can later follow up.
  • AI Teamwork: GIA acts as your offline teammate only. During business hours, our direct-to-text function will allow your team to reply to all initial inquiries; outside of business hours, GIA will handle inquiries until your team is back.
  • Direct To Text ONLY: Turn GIA off and instead enable direct-to-text function 24/7. Your team can reply to all initial inquiries immediately, regardless of business hours.

If you choose AI Teamwork, you'll be able to set your preferred business hours as well (as shown above). Note that setting your business hours here will not affect the hours saved to this location's profile. To change business hours across the board, go to your company settings. (Link coming soon!)

6. Search for an Area Code

We recommend using a local number that your customers would be familiar with.

To find a local number, enter the three-digit area code into the search box and click "Search." Then choose any of the available numbers that you like.


From time to time, a phone number may not be available in your area code of choice (and you'll see the error message below). You can either choose another local area code or check back in 24 hours, as our system refreshes constantly.


7. Add Call Forwarding and Other Details

On the next screen, you'll be able to set the details for your phone number.


These options include the following:

  • Phone Number: Enter an existing phone number at your company. When a customer dials the PSAI phone number that you are creating now, the call will automatically forward (without the customer's knowledge) to this phone number.
  • Label Forwarding Phone: This is an optional field and allows you to add a label describing the phone number you just typed. For example, the label might be something like "Main Office Line" or "Front Desk" to remind you which number this is.
  • Lead Source Notification Tool: By enabling this feature, your staff will hear a quick recording whenever they pick up the phone (before the call connects to the customer). This recording helps your team know who is calling and can prepare them to speak to the lead most effectively. The recording is only heard by you, not the customer.

8. Set the Lead Notifications

On the next screen, enter all of the email addresses and phone numbers that you would like to be notified of new phone lead activity. You must enter at least one email address.


Please note that at this time, you will only receive SMS and email notifications whenever a lead sends you a text message; you will not receive notifications of phone calls. However, you will still see calls come into your Com Portal in real time.

9. Name Your Phone Number

On the next screen, give your new phone number a name.


Please note that this name will appear in two places across your PSAI admin portal: first on your Site Conversion Tools dashboard.


And second as a label (and filtering option) for all associated leads within the Com Portal.


We recommend choosing a descriptive name so that it's easy for your entire team to keep track of your various phone numbers.

10. Create Tool

Click the green button to finish creating your new phone number.


That's it! Now your new phone number has been created and is ready to go!

What Happens Next?

After you've clicked "Create Tool," you'll be brought to the Settings tab of the phone number you just created. From this tab, you can review the settings you've just chosen and edit them if you'd like to.


To use your phone number, simply go to the Connection tab and copy it!


Learn more about using PSAI phone numbers effectively in our best practices guide. (Link coming soon!)