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How to Give Your Team Access to Weather

Want to give your team access to the PSAI Weather Center so they can research storm opportunities and launch Facebook ad campaigns? It's easy! Follow the instructions below.

1. Access Your Account Settings

After logging into to PSAI, click Account from the bottom left.


2. Click Users


3. Select the User

Select the desired User's account.


If you need to create a new user rather than edit an existing one, follow along with our instructions on adding a new user.

4. Check the Box(es) for the Weather Center 

From the user's details page, scroll down to the Access section and check the boxes located under the Weather Center subsection.


In addition to the Weather Center, you can grant other permissions, too. Learn more about the different PSAI user roles to help you select the best options.

If you think you'll re-use these permissions, save them as a custom role! Then you you can easily assign the same role to any PSAI user in the future.

4. Save Your Changes

After you've set the permissions you want to set, click "Save" at the bottom to save your changes.


That's it! Your PSAI user will now have access to PSAI Weather and can access this toolset from the left-hand nav bar.

Help your staff make the most of PSAI Weather by referring them to these helpful resources: