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How to Save a Favorite Market on the Weather Map

Marking a geographic area as a "Favorite Market" on your PSAI Weather map is a great way to ensure quick and easy access to that location directly from your Weather Center dashboard.

Any time you add a new favorite market, it will appear in the panel shown below.


To save a Favorite Market, follow the instructions below.

1. Click "View Map"

Enter the PSAI Weather map by clicking the button for "View Map."


It doesn't matter how to enter the map. In addition to the "View Map" button, you can enter by clicking a recent storming, viewing the latest storm, and more. Learn more about all the ways to explore the weather map here.

2. Click the Plus Sign (+)

Once you're on the Weather map, click the blue plus sign (+) in the panel at the upper left. 


Clicking the plus sign (+) button to add a new market will open up the drawing panel, which displays in the upper right.


Note that once you've activated the drawing panel, single-clicking anywhere on the map will start a point of your polygon. Before clicking on the map, try zooming in or clicking and dragging to make sure you're centered on the area you'd like to save.

3. Draw Your Polygon(s) on the Map

Using the drawing tools, draw one or more polygons on your Weather map, indicating the areas that you'd like to save. When you're finished, click the button for "Done Drawing."

If you'd like some guidance, check out our best practices for drawing on the Weather map.


Note that your favorite market will not save these specific polygons but rather a view of the entire geographic area in which they are placed.

4. Confirm the Save and Name Your Market

Once you've clicked "Done Drawing," you'll be prompted to save your chosen market or cancel it. The market will be auto-populated with the name of the closest major metro area, but you can change it to anything you'd like.

Click "Save Area to Favorites" to complete the process. 


Once you've saved a Favorite Market, it will appear on your PSAI Weather Center dashboard, so you can quickly and easily zoom into this area and launch a storm campaign.

Your favorite markets will also be shown within the weather map panel for easy viewing there, too.


If you change your mind about which areas to save, you can easily delete a saved market at any time.