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What Are the Different User Permissions in PSAI?

PSAI offers many levels of user permissions, allowing you to grant different access to different team members based on their roles in your company. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are 6 main categories of user permissions, each with various permissions of their own. 


Permissions only apply to internal users and are set at the individual user level. This article will explain each permissions category in detail.

Please note that you can create any combination of permissions by selecting and unselecting any of the checkboxes on this page. You can even save your preferred combination into a custom user role!



Access to the Company section generally refers to the pages and subpages of your company settings, which can be accessed by clicking Account in bottom left corner of PSAI. These subpages include:

For each PSAI user, you can check as many or as few of these company settings as you prefer; choosing one box will not affect your ability to choose another.

Communication Portal



The Communication Portal permissions include the following options:

  • View All Leads: Checking this box gives the PSAI user a complete view of all leads in the Com Portal, including all three categories below. 
    • Unassigned Leads: The PSAI user can view leads that are not yet assigned to anyone. (The majority of new leads will be automatically placed in this category.)
    • My Leads: The PSAI user can view leads assigned to him or her.
    • Assigned Leads: The PSAI user can view leads assigned to other users.

You can learn more about these buckets in our resource on navigating the Com Portal.

Granting the ability to view leads also grants the ability to communicate with those leads. Also, please note that any user with access to Assigned Leads or Unassigned Leads can download all contacts from the Com Portal.

Predictive Insights

The Communication Portal section also includes the following access options for PSAI predictive technology:

  • Calculate Predictive Insights™: This checkbox allows the user to view Predictive Insights™. (Because insights are only visible on a lead's page, the PSAI user must be able to view at least some leads in order to check this box.)
    • Predictive Match Index: The PSAI user can view the lead's PMI, ranging from 1-5.
    • Predictive Portrait: The PSAI user can view the Predictive Insights™ including household information, property information, and weather.

Any User who can view Predictive Insights™ can also share that information with an external user. Learn more about sharing lead data here.

Marketing Manager


The Marketing Manager permissions will grant access to the Site Tools section of PSAI. Any PSAI user with this access can:

Weather Center


The Weather Center checkbox grants access to PSAI's Weather technology, including the Weather Map and the ability to launch automated storm campaigns on Facebook.

Learn more about PSAI Weather in these related resources:

PSAI Weather technology is not limited to the Weather Center alone. PSAI users with Com Portal access can send instant weather returns, and users with access to Predictive Portraits can view recent storm activity there.

Ads Manager


Ads Manager permissions allow the PSAI user to access the Ads Manager tool, where you can launch Facebook ad campaigns for products, services, special offers, sweepstakes, and more. Any user who can access Ads Manager will be able to launch Facebook ad campaigns from PSAI.

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Visual Quoter

Last but not least, you can grant access to Visual Quoter, which allows the PSAI user to log into the Visual Quoter platform and host video consultations with leads.




Did you know that you can create custom user roles based on the user permissions you use most frequently? Creating a custom role can save you time if you have many PSAI users who require the same permissions.

Learn how to create and assign custom user roles here.