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How to Send a Storm Report to Insurance Agents

If you'd like to share storm data with an insurance agent, HOA member, or other third party, this is easy to do in the Com Portal. You can provide this storm data by SMS, email, or both, and there are two main methods you could use: 

  • Add the insurance agent as a contact in the Com Portal and then email or SMS a storm report.
  • Add the insurance agent as an external user and then share the storm data through the "share" feature.

Option #1: Adding the Agent as a Com Portal Contact

By manually adding the insurance agent as a new contact, you can generate and send a storm report just like you would with a homeowner in the Com Portal.

Follow these instructions to add a new contact and send an immediate SMS or text message (with a storm report attached).


Please note that using this method will open a new engagement thread with the insurance agent in the Com Portal. If you do not want to add a new engagement thread to your lead queue, then use Option #2 instead.

Option #2: Adding the Agent as an External User

By adding the agent as an external user of PSAI, you can take advantage of the "share" feature to share the lead's data, including any previously generated storm reports. 

Follow these instructions to share lead data with an external user (including a storm report).


This second option has the benefit of not opening a new engagement thread in the Com Portal. At the same time, you can still keep track of this share action by referring to the lead's Contact Activity panel, as shown below.


Please note that in order to use this method to share a storm report with an external user, you must have generated and/or sent a weather report to the lead at some time in the past.