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How to Search for Storms by Address

You can easily search the PSAI weather map based on a specific street address or a general region, allowing you to find high-value storm opportunities in and around the areas you serve. Follow the instructions below.

1. Go the Weather Map

From the PSAI Weather Center, click the button for View Map.


2. Enter Your Address

In the search bar, enter your desired address. As you type, matching address suggestions will be auto-populated for you. 


Note that you can search by a specific street address or by a wider region. In the screenshot below, for example, a search for "Fort Worth" allows you to select the city as a whole.


Click on the correct suggested address to instantly zoom into that location, as shown below.


Did you know? In addition to searching by address, you can manually zoom anywhere on the map and click the button for View Storm Dates to view a list of storms to hit that location. Learn more here

3. View Recent Storms in the Area

From the zoomed-in view of your chosen address, you'll see a list of the most recent storms to affect this location. This list is presented in reverse chronological order, with any storms happening in the last 24 hours noted by a LIVE tag.


Is this one of your most frequent service areas? You can save this area as a Favorite Market for easy, one-click access at any time in the future. 

4. Use Filters to Narrow Results

To narrow down the list of storms, take advantage of the filters at the top of the search panel.


Here's more information on these filtering options:

  • The hail filter ranges from .5" to 3.00" and up. You can also choose to hide hail.
  • The wind filter ranges from 40 mph to 75 mph and up. You can also choose to hide wind.
  • The "date range" feature allows you to select a specific date range to target. (Keep in mind that more recent storms are much more effective at generating leads.)

If there has been no storm activity that matches your selected tab or filter, then you'll be shown the message below.


5. Click a Storm

Once you've identified a storm that you'd like to target, click it from the list.


This will bring up a detailed view of the storm, similar to the one shown below.


From here, you're ready to start your storm campaign! Explore the next steps in these related resources:



Did you know? Through PSAI, you can also capture storm data for a specific home address, giving you a historical view of the last 5 weather events to touch that home. Learn more about weather reports and how to capture storm data for a specific home address.