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Overview: Why Launch a Storm Campaign?

PSAI makes digital doorknocking easy for contractors. When a storm strikes your market, your team can create and launch a custom storm campaign on Facebook and Instagram directly from your PSAI suite.

Create a Custom Campaign in Minutes

The PSAI Weather engine makes it easy to launch fully customized storm campaigns without leaving your PSAI suite. Not only are you generating direct leads at a lower cost, you’re also building brand awareness by digitally canvassing to homeowners in an area.

See how it works below.


Instead of waiting for weather reports, the PSAI Weather engine stores current storm data and weather events from the past 10 years, so your team can launch storm campaigns for any storm that presents an opportunity for your business.

What's Included in a Storm Campaign?

Each storm campaign is equipped with: 

  • Audience Selection. Our tool makes it easy to choose hail size and wind speeds that suit your preferences as well as the ability to draw a defined outline within any swath. You know your market best, and that’s why we give you the tools to clearly define the area to target. 

  • Custom Audience List. Once you’ve drawn your outline, our tool will instantly calculate the number of homes affected by hail and/or wind and generate a custom audience list for your campaign. 

  • Cost Breakdown. The custom audience includes a cost breakdown so you’ll know exactly how much you can spend to target an audience effectively. With the ability to set your own budget, you can decide the resources you’d like to invest in each storm.

  • Ad Design Tool. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a storm campaign. The PSAI weather engine allows you to design your ad directly within the tool; simply input your text and upload any images you’d like to include in your campaign! You can follow our creative best practices, too.

  • Landing Page. Every campaign is accompanied by a dedicated landing page (including your company logo!), so you can convert ad traffic into leads. Each lead will flow into your Communication Portal, so you can immediately begin engaging.

  • Team Notifications. You can select specific team members to receive updates when a lead is generated from your campaign. Whether through email or texting, PSAI will notify your team the moment a lead enters your system. 

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