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How to Capture Historical Storm Data for a Specific Address

On the PSAI Weather Map, you can search for storms by address, explore storm opportunities based on precise hail or wind parameters, and launch storm campaigns on Facebook. But what if you want to capture detailed storm data not for a large area, but instead for a specific home address?

This is easy to do as well, but you'll need to use the Com Portal rather than the Weather Center. Follow the guidelines below.

Note that in order to capture historical storm data for a specific address, that address must belong to a contact in the Com Portal, and it must be a residential address. It is not possible to generate a storm report for an address that is not connected to a lead.

1. Click the Pencil Icon to Write a New Message

Go to the Com Portal and click the pencil icon to start a new message.


2. Check Whether the Lead Already Exists

In the next screen, start typing the lead's name into the search bar to doublecheck whether the lead already exists in your Com Portal.


Why might a lead already be in the Com Portal? If they previously interacted with any of your PSAI site conversion tools—like a quote form, SMS number, or chat—then their information will be saved in an engagement thread.

Based on whether or not the lead already exists, take one of the following actions:


3. Generate the Weather Report

Once you have either located the existing lead or have added the lead as a new contact, generating a storm report for their specific home address is as simple as clicking the stormcloud button.

For a new lead that you've just added, the stormcloud button appears as shown below.


For an existing lead, the stormcloud button appears at the bottom of the dialogue box.


In either case, clicking the stormcloud icon will allow you to generate the storm report instantly. After clicking the stormcloud, simply type in or confirm the address and click "Generate Report," and the report will appear immediately in a popup screen (as shown below).


4. Send the Report If You Want To

If you would like to send the weather report to the lead, click "Add Message" to type in your own message and send it right away. If you do not want to send the report to the lead, then click the X to close out the report instead.


Even if you close the report (and do not send it to the lead), it will still be saved to the lead's Contact Files for your future reference.


Wondering what exactly goes into a PSAI storm report? Learn more:

Did you know? You can even send storm reports to insurance agents and other third parties through the Com Portal.