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How to Search for Storms Within a Specific Date Range

Want to search for storms occurring within a specific date range? This is easy to do by applying the date range filter. Follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Weather Map

Enter the PSAI Weather Map by any means you prefer: searching the blank map, viewing forecasted storms nationwide, choosing a favorite market, etc. (Learn more about these options here.)

2. Zoom to Your Preferred Location

Once you're on the weather map, zoom into your location of choice by clicking, dragging, and zooming. You can also search for a particular address by using the search bar.

If the storm panel is not already open when you center on your location of choice, then click the button for "View Storm Dates."


This will open a list of recent storms in the geographic area you're currently viewing. By default, storms are shown in reverse chronological order—including a "live" tag for any storms occurring right now or within the last 24 hours.


3. Add Your Date Range

To view storms within a specific date range in this area, click the filter for "Date Range."


Then elect your preferred start date and end date, and click "Apply."


Did you know? PSAI's storm data covers the contiguous United States and goes back as far as 10 years.

4. View Storms and Launch Your Campaign

Once you've clicked "Apply," the list of storms will immediately update to reflect your chosen dates. Click on any storm to view it and then start your storm campaign.


If you'd like to view different dates for this same area, simply click "Reset Filters" and choose new dates.


If you'd like to view different storm dates in a different geographic area, then exit the panel entirely, navigate to a new location on the map, and start again from Step 2.

Wondering when you might want to search for storms in a specific date range?

Current and very recent storms are often the most effective at converting leads, but older storms have shown success as well. For example, some companies run successful storm campaigns based on older storms, timing the campaign around the end of the homeowners' insurance claims period.

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