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How to View Storms in a Specific Geographic Area

Whether you're looking for recent storms near your office location or are simply using the PSAI weather map for general exploratory purposes, it's easy to find storms in any geographic area. Follow the instructions below.

1. Go to the PSAI Weather Center

After logging into your PSAI account, click "Weather" from the left-hand toolbar to go to your PSAI Weather Center.


2. Click "View Map"

From the Weather Center, click "View Map" to open the map's nationwide view.


3. Zoom into Your Preferred Location

On the Weather map, you can click and drag to move around, just like you would with any map application. Zoom in on your preferred area by using your mouse wheel, the zoom buttons on the map, or your fingers if you're on a mobile device.


If you don't want to navigate manually, you can also search the map by a specific address using the search bar.

4. Click "View Storm Dates"

Once you've centered on the geographic area you're interested in, click the button for "View Storm Dates" in the panel at the top left.


This will calculate a list of the most recent storms within the area you're currently viewing on the map.


If you move locations on the map after viewing the list of storm dates, you'll notice a new button appear at the top of the screen: "View Storm Dates Here." At any time, you can click this button to refresh your storm list based on your current map view.


5. Refine Your Search, If You Want To

Using the filters at the top of the search results list, you can refine the results even further. Select a minimum wind speed or hail size to target, or use the date filters to select a specific timeframe


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