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What Does a Weather Report Contain?

PSAI weather reports are customized reports based on a specific home address. Unlike the Weather Center where you can explore the nationwide map to identify storm opportunities, storm reports are focused on historical weather data for a single home address.

How do you get a weather report? These can be generated by homeowners when they engage with your storm campaign or by PSAI users who send a weather report through the Com Portal or fill out a weather widget on a customer's behalf.

A PSAI weather report looks like this.


As you can see in the example weather report above, the key factors include the following.

Property Address

This is simply the address that you've specified to generate the storm report. Note that at this time, storm reports can only be generated for residential addresses.

Risk Factor

There are three possible risk factors: low, medium, and high. This classification is based on PSAI's full weather data, which goes back over 10 years. Learn more about how risk factors are calculated.

Detailed Weather Events

Each storm report will display the 5 most recent hail or wind events to touch this address.

There is no time bound to these events; the data set goes back to 2010 and will display the most recent storms within that entire time period. (The minimum requirements are .5" hail and 40-mph winds.)

Are you currently canvassing in a storm-affected area? Learn how to use PSAI technology while canvassing, including tips for incorporating weather reports, storm campaign landing pages, and SMS numbers in your doorknocking campaign.