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We Just Had a Storm. Why Is the Storm Not Showing on the Weather Map?

In rare cases, you may have seen, heard about, or experienced a storm that is not showing up on the PSAI Weather Map. This situation is very uncommon, but it can occur depending on the timing of the storm and the timing of our tool's storm swath generation.

Some Storms Are Reported Late

The PSAI Weather tool is designed to provide accurate and up-to-date information on wind, hail, and storm events. Our information is based on industry-standard weather reporting, but if a storm is reported at a later time or date (after our tool has already pulled the reported data to generate swaths), then the storm may not be viewable in the tool.

We understand that accurate storm data is critical to your business, and we are currently looking into how we can reprocess data on a rolling basis to ensure fast, real-time reporting as well as historical accuracy. 

Contact Us to Pull a Specific Storm Report

If you know that a storm has hit but it is not appearing on your PSAI Weather Map, please contact us. We would be happy to not only investigate the specific incident but also pull a manual report on your behalf so that you can launch your storm campaign.

Again, please rest assured that this issue occurs very rarely, and it is a matter of unfortunate timing rather than a problem with the tool being inaccurate or broken. We are actively working to prevent it in the near future and will update you when the fix is released.

We appreciate your feedback on this issue. Use this link to submit a Support ticket, or open the Help widget in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.