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How Canvassers Can Use PSAI Tools While Doorknocking

Although PSAI has many tools designed for online lead generation, our tool suite can also be used to further your in-person canvassing efforts. Here are 5 ways that canvassers can take advantage of PSAI technology and tools to boost their doorknocking results.

1. Send a Weather Report Through the Com Portal

You're likely familiar with using the PSAI Weather Center to identify storm opportunities, but did you know that you can also capture storm data for a specific home address? More than just view the specific storm data, you can even send a custom storm report directly to the homeowner.

If this is a new homeowner (who has never interacted with you before), then you'll need to follow these instructions to add the homeowner as a new contact to the Com Portal.


Once you've added the contact, you can immediately send a storm report by email or SMS simply by clicking the lightning icon.


2. Evaluate Storm Areas Before Canvassing

Weather reports for canvassing purposes can be generated directly from the Weather dashboard through the Pull Report feature.

After clicking on the Pull Report button, you will be able to enter an exact address to pull a Weather report that describes current risk factor and details significant weather events that have occurred. This allows you and your company reps to make informed decisions on the best geographic locations to target and to identify potential leads from homeowners that are likely to have experienced storm damage.

Reports pulled from the Weather dashboard can be shared via text or email, or they can be directly downloaded for printing or later reference.

3. Run Storm Campaigns Before Doorknocking

If you know you'll be running a canvassing campaign in a certain location, it's a great idea to launch a storm campaign first. Because you can target specific areas in a storm campaign, you can present custom Facebook ads to the exact same areas in which you'll later go doorknocking.


Even if a homeowner does not click on your storm campaign ad before you knock on their door, they may have seen it on their Facebook feed! This repeated exposure can help keep extreme weather top of mind, even if they aren't necessarily aware of it.

Learn more about launching and managing storm campaigns in these resources:

4. Use a Current Storm Campaign Landing Page

Whenever you launch a storm campaign, you'll get a customized landing page as part of it (with no extra input or work from you). By having an active storm campaign running while you go doorknocking, your canvassers can take advantage of that landing page in person, too.

The landing page will look similar to this one:


Your canvassing team can simply navigate to this URL and enter the homeowner's address to generate the weather report on the spot.

Want more information? Check out our dedicated article on using a storm campaign landing page while canvassing.

5. Add an SMS Number to Door Hangers and Yard Signs

Even if a homeowner isn't home when you knock, you still can make sure that they have a way of easily connecting with you. Here's how:

  1. Before you go doorknocking, set up a new SMS/texting number under your PSAI site conversion tools. (You can choose a local area code for your number!)
  2. Put that SMS number on your marketing materials: door hangers, flyers, yard signs, banners, and more.
  3. Leave these marketing materials with homeowners you speak to and those who do not answer the door.

The benefit of an SMS number through PSAI is that you can receive text messages and respond directly through the Com Portal. You can also listen to call recordings and voicemails!