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Why Can't I Create a Storm Campaign?

The ability to launch a storm campaign is a premium feature not available on certain PSAI subscriptions with limited access to weather.

If you've followed the steps to launch a storm campaign but do not have access to actually initiate the campaign on Facebook, you'll be presented with the screen below after calculating the homeowner audience. As you can see, you get a complete count of homeowners but cannot continue to launch the campaign.


To upgrade your account and launch your storm campaign, follow the instructions presented in the modal above (or continue directly via the links below):

  • Connect your Facebook account. This only has to be done one time and will enable PSAI to run ad campaigns on behalf of your Facebook Business Page. Please note that this must be completed by the owner of your business page.
  • Schedule a call to upgrade. Speak with a PSAI team member to remove your limited weather view, add storm campaigns to your subscription, and immediately launch your ad on Facebook and Instagram.