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PSAI Weather Dashboard at a Glance

Your PSAI Weather dashboard (or Weather Center) is where you'll begin searching the PSAI Weather Map—either for general discovery/exploration purposes or to launch a storm campaign on Facebook.

This article explains the information that is displayed in the Weather Center and provides links to helpful resources for further understanding and using PSAI's Weather technology. 


Don't see the Weather Center? Then you may not have the correct permissions. Speak with your company's PSAI administrator about updating your user access permissions.

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are several display panels on your Weather Center dashboard:

  • The top section with View buttons
  • The Most Recent Storms section at the bottom left
  • The My Favorite Markets section to the right (if you have any)
  • The My Storm Campaigns section at the bottom right

Below we'll look at each section in more detail.

Top Section with View Buttons


At the top of the Weather Center dashboard, there are two buttons:

  • View Latest Storm: This button will take you to the PSAI Weather Map with storm swaths shown for today.
  • View Map: This button will also take you to the map, but there will be no storms shown. You can drag to move around the map on your own, or you can search by address.

Most Recent Storms


The Most Recent Storms panel summarizes nationwide storm activity by date, allowing you to see how many homes were affected by storms on a particular date. The list shows:

  • Date
  • Number of homes affected by hail
  • Number of homes affected by wind

To further investigate, click on any date from the list. You'll be brought to the weather map with this date selected and storm swaths shown.

My Favorite Markets

If you have saved any favorite markets, they'll appear to the right of Most Recent Storms.


Saving locations as favorite markets is easy to do and offers you and your team a quick shortcut to your most-viewed locations. Learn how to add a favorite market here.

My Storm Campaigns

The panel for My Storm Campaigns provides vital information about your current and previous storm campaigns.


As you can see in the screenshot above, each storm campaign includes information on:

  • Location: the targeted market for the campaign
  • Storm Date: the date that the storm affected the location
  • Created On: the date that the storm campaign was created
  • Start Date: the start date for the storm campaign in Facebook
  • Leads: the "View Leads" link will take you a filtered view of the campaign's leads in the Com Portal
  • Status: the activity status of the campaign

If you'd like to edit your email or SMS notifications for a storm campaign, this is done from Site Tools rather than Weather. Follow these instructions for updating app notifications.

You can click the link for Manage to open your ad campaign in Facebook. From here, you can view all of Facebook's reporting and make edits to your ad if needed.


Not sure how to start a storm campaign or what the benefits are? Learn more about how to launch a storm campaign or begin with our storm campaign overview.