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How to Customize Your Weather Widget

Once you've created a weather widget, you can easily customize its settings so that the text, color, form fields, and other content is perfect for your needs. Simply follow the instructions below.

Need a refresher? Learn how to create a weather widget.

1. Go to Site Tools

After logging into your PSAI platform, navigate to Site Tools from the left-hand navigation bar.


2. Create a Weather Widget or Edit One

A weather widget must be created before you can adjust its settings. From the Site Conversion Tools dashboard, either click Create Tool to create a new weather widget or click Edit on an existing weather widget to edit it.


Did you know? You can edit the settings of any weather widget, including one that is already live on your website. Once saved, all changes will be reflected immediately!

3. Click Customize

Once you've created your weather widget or clicked into an existing one, go to the Customize tab.


4. Choose Display Type

Within the Customize tab, the first section that you can customize is the section for Display Type.


As the name suggests, this section controls how the weather widget appears on your website. Is it embedded within a website page, or does it float on top of the page? Does it always float, or does it only appear when the visitor goes to leave the page?

If you aren't sure which display type to choose, check out some examples of the three app display types.

5. Customize App Event Steps

The second section that you can customize for your weather widget is App Event Steps, shown below.


Within this section, you can change everything about your weather widget—from its text and button color to the content of the form fields and the flow of the widget overall.

Get more guidance and tips in our resource on customizing app event steps.

6. Preview Your Weather Widget

At any point in the customization process, you can preview your weather widget by clicking the Preview button. We recommend frequently previewing to make sure your form panels are looking and flowing as you'd like!


7. Save Your Changes

Once you've made your desired edits, click the green button for Save Changes.


After you've saved your changes and are ready to use your weather widget to start converting leads, you'll need to add the tool to your website. To learn more, please refer to our instructions on adding site tools to your website.

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