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How to Identify and Remove Competing Facebook Chatbots

Having multiple chatbots on your Facebook Business Page can create problems with lead flow. To ensure that Facebook messenger leads flow into your PSAI Com Portal as expected, please check that no other chatbots are active and, if they are, deactivate or remove them.

If you work with a third-party agency to manage your social media, you may have a chatbot installed without realizing it. To ensure that no leads are missed, it's a good idea to proactively check for existing chatbots whenever you add PSAI Facebook Business Chat.

Follow the instructions below.

1. Go to Your Facebook Business Page

Navigate to your Facebook Business Page.


Note that you must be an Admin of your Facebook Business Page to follow these instructions.

2. Go to Advanced Messaging Settings

From the left-hand toolbar, click "Settings." 


Next, under the Page Settings toolbar, click "Advanced Messaging."


3. Scroll to "Connected Apps"

On the Advanced Messaging page, scroll to the section for "Connected Apps." Here you will see all of the messaging apps connected to your Facebook Business Page.

The Facebook Business Page below, for example, has a messenger bot called "ManyChat" connected.


Please note that if you have already connected PSAI Facebook messenger, then you'll see "Predictive Sales AI Messenger" listed here as well. When removing chatbots, you'll want to remove all of them except for Predictive Sales AI Messenger.

4. Click "Configure" and Follow Facebook's Instructions

To remove a chatbot from your page, click the button for "Configure."


Facebook will then tell you exactly what to do to remove the app. 


Follow Facebook's provided instructions to remove the app. Repeat for any additional chatbots until the PSAI chatbot is the only one on your Facebook Business Page.

The final result should look like the screenshot below, with only Predictive Sales AI Messenger listed.


If you've followed these instructions but are still not seeing your Facebook messenger leads flow into the Com Portal, please submit a support ticket. You can request help at this link or through the Help widget in the bottom right corner of the screen.