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How to Customize a Quote Form

This article explains how to customize PSAI quote forms. By following the instructions below, you'll be able to edit your form's display style, user input fields, text, color, imagery, "thank you" page, and more.

This article is a continuation of another resource on how to create a quote form. If you need a refresher, please start there!

1. Go to Site Tools

After logging into PSAI, click Site Tools from the left-hand navigation bar.


2. Create a Quote Form or Edit One

From the Site Conversion Tools dashboard, you can create a new quote form or click "Edit" to customize an existing quote form.


You can follow these instructions to edit or customize any PSAI quote form, even one that is already live on your website. All changes will be immediately reflected as soon as you save.

3. Click Customize

Once you've clicked on the Quote Form that you want to customize (or you have finished creating a new quote form), you'll be brought to the Settings tab.

At the top, click Customize to enter the customization tab.


4. Choose Display Type

For a quote form, you'll see that there are two main sections that you can customize. The first is Display Type, shown below.


The Display Type setting controls how the quote form appears on your website. Is it embedded on a page? Or does it float or automatically pop up?

Need help choosing the right display type? You can view examples of each display type here.

5. Customize App Event Steps

The second section that you can customize for your quote form is App Event Steps, shown below.


This section allows you to customize how your form appears visually and the information that it requests. You'll use this section to change the title of the form, change the color of the button, add images, and more.

Learn more about the options for customizing app event steps for a quote form.

6. Preview Your Quote Form

As you customize your quote form, be sure to use the Preview button to check out how your form will look when it's finished.


7. Save Your Changes

Once you're satisfied with your quote form, click the green button to save.


What's next? If you've customized a new quote form, you'll probably need to add the quote form to your website. To do so, please continue with our instructions for adding PSAI apps to your website.