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How to Listen to a Phone Call Recording or Voicemail

One of the benefits of using PSAI phone numbers is that your phone calls and voicemails are automatically recorded and saved to a lead's file for future reference. To go back and listen to a call recording or a voicemail at any time, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to the Com Portal

After logging into your PSAI admin portal, navigate to the Com Portal.


2. Find the Lead

From the Com Portal, find the lead whose recording you'd like to listen to. You can use the search bar or filters to help.


Once you've located the lead, click on their name to open their engagement page. 

Are you seeing the orange Recommended tag shown below? This indicates that we've matched this caller with our data partners and are suggesting this information as a match, similar to caller ID.


3. Listen to the Recording 

On the lead's engagement page, there are two ways to listen to the call recording or voicemail. First, you can listen directly from the dialogue box by simply pressing the play button.


Alternatively, you can click to expand the Files Shared panel in the right-hand column. Then click into the tab for Calls to view all of the call recordings and/or voicemails from this lead, each saved as an individual MP3 file and marked by the time and date of call.


Did you know? Any PSAI users that have access to leads in the Com Portal can listen to call recordings and voicemails. Learn more about PSAI user permissions here.

Call recordings are a great way to learn more about your customers, audit your team's performance, and train your sales reps or other staff on handling leads effectively. Explore some of our recommended best practices for PSAI phone numbers: