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How to Edit a Lead's Contact Information

If a lead's contact information has changed, you can easily update it in PSAI at any time. Updating household contact information will not only keep your team up-to-date but can also ensure you're getting the latest Predictive Insights™. Follow the instructions below.

1. Go the Com Portal

Log into PSAI and navigate to the Com Portal.


2. Find the Lead

Find the lead whose contact information you'd like to update. Use the search bar and the filters to help you find the contact, or browse the lead queue manually. 


Alternatively, you can click the pencil icon to create a new message. Then use the search bar to find the lead and click Open Recent Interaction to go to the lead's engagement page.


3. Edit Contact Details

Next, click Edit Contact Details from the right-hand panel.


4. Update the Contact Details

Use the Edit Household Details screen to edit all of the contact information associated with that lead.


Most of these fields are fairly self-explanatory, but here are a few tips to know:

  • In addition to editing the home address, you can edit the primary household contact or add a new contact. Each contact can have multiple phone numbers and email addresses.
  • If one of the contacts goes by a nickname, you can type that into the nickname field and mark it as preferred.
  • Only valid mobile phone numbers labeled as "Cell" will be eligible for SMS messaging through the Com Portal. (When you add a number and mark it as cell, PSAI will automatically verify whether it is a valid mobile number or not.)
  • The full name and address must be correct and match with our strategic data partners in order to calibrate Predictive Insights™. Changing the household address or contact information will cause insights to be recalibrated automatically.

5. Save Your Changes

Once you've edited the lead's contact information, click Save.


If the updated contact information you've just saved already exists in PSAI, you may get an automated pop-up asking if you'd like to merge the contacts. Learn more about merging contacts here