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How to Send an Image, PDF, or Other Attachment to a Lead

From the Com Portal, it's easy to send an attachment to any contact, whether you're continuing an existing conversation or starting a new thread. Simply follow the instructions below.

If you're new to this tool, we recommend starting with our comprehensive Com Portal guide.

1. Go to the Com Portal

After logging into PSAI, click Com Portal.


If you don't see the Com Portal, then you likely do not have the correct user permissions in PSAI. Speak with your company's PSAI administrator to get access.

2. Find the Lead

Within the Com Portal, use the search bar, filters, and buckets to find the lead you'd like to send an attachment to. Click on the contact to open their engagement details, as shown below.


Alternatively, you can click the pencil icon to find the lead and then send a new email or SMS that way.


3. Click the Paperclip

To send an attachment to this lead, click the paperclip icon at the bottom of the center panel. 


Is the dialogue box disabled? You cannot send an attachment to a closed lead, but you can open a new engagement. Follow these instructions on messaging a closed lead.

4. Select the File

Navigate and/or search through your computer's files to find the attachment that you want to send. You can select multiple files if you'd like; once selected, click Open.


No matter how you're currently communicating with the lead, you will be able to send the following file types (each under 25MB in size):

  • Images, including PNG, JPEG, and HEIC
  • GIFs
  • PDFs
  • Videos, such as MP4 
  • Documents and spreadsheets, such as .doc or .xls

If you send an attachment via SMS, then the lead will receive a text message with a link to view or download your attachment.

5. Send

Opening the attachment will add it to the message box. Type a message if you'd like to and then click Send.


Wondering about the other icons in the message box at the bottom? Here's what they do:


What's Next?

All responses from the lead will show up in this same engagement thread, where you can continue the conversation for as long as you want.


In addition to a running record of your email or SMS conversation in the middle panel, all attachments you send will be saved to that lead's Files Shared panel. Note that there are two tabs available: one for images and one for other types of files.


Clicking into any individual attachment will open it at a larger view.