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How to Send an SMS Message to an Existing Lead

Starting an SMS conversation with an existing lead is very easy, and you don't have to leave PSAI to do it. You'll type messages into the Com Portal while the lead sends and receives text messages from their phone.

To start an SMS conversation, there are two different approaches you can take:

  1. You can use the "new message" feature.
  2. You can message a lead from the dialogue box.

This article will explain how to send an SMS using both methods.

Want a general look at how SMS messaging works? Start with our overview on sending and receiving texts in the Com Portal

Option #1: Initiate a New Conversation

The "new message" feature is quick and easy and can be done from any screen in the Com Portal. Follow the instructions below.

1. Click the Pencil

From the top of the lead queue, click the pencil.


2. Search for the Lead

In the search bar at the top, find the lead you'd like to message. You can search by name, email address, phone number, etc.

3. Click a Phone Number to Initiate the Conversation

After you've found the lead you want to message, click the cell phone number to initiate an SMS conversation.


You'll be brought to a new SMS activity thread in the Com Portal, marked by a yellow banner. The screen will appear blank until you send an SMS message.


4. Type Your Message and Send

In the field at the bottom, type your SMS and click Send. Remember that you can send attachments and weather returns from the Com Portal, too!


Once the lead replies, it will be categorized into this same engagement thread.

Option #2: Message from the Dialogue Box

The second option for sending SMS messages is easier if you're already on the lead's page. 

1. Click the Mobile Phone Icon

Click the mobile phone at the top center of the dialogue box.


You may have noticed that this lead first came in through web chat, as indicated by the green banner at the top and the label "Last message via Web." The great thing about SMS is that it doesn't matter how the lead entered your Com Portal or how they last interacted with you. As long as you have a valid mobile number, you can seamlessly start a text message conversation.

2. Add or Select a Phone Number

Depending on the current contact information you have for this lead, the next screen will vary.

Valid Mobile Number on File

If you already have at least one valid mobile number on file, then the next screen will prompt you to choose the number you'd like to send an SMS message to.


No Valid Mobile Number on File

If you do not have valid mobile number on file, then the Com Portal will prompt you to add a phone number to send the SMS message to.


If the lead already has a phone number but you're still being prompted to add one, then the number on file is not a valid mobile phone number. (Maybe it's a landline, a VoIP internet number, etc.)

Previous SMS Conversation on File

If you or another PSAI user has already had an SMS conversation with this lead (using the same number), then the system will alert you, as shown below.


You can click to view (and continue) the existing SMS conversation, or if you want to start a new conversation with a new number, then you can input a new mobile phone number instead.

3. Type your SMS Message and Send

Regardless of whether you choose an existing phone number, input a new number, or continue an active conversation, you'll ultimately end up on a screen like the one below. 


From this screen, simply type in your SMS into the message field at the bottom and click Send.


That's it! You've now initiated an SMS conversation with your lead and can send and receive replies directly from the Com Portal.You can continue to nurture the relationship, answer your lead's questions, send images and weather returns, schedule appointments, and more—all through a seamless texting conversation.


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