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Welcome to PSAI! Your Step-by-Step Guide to Get Started

Welcome to PSAI! This quick guide will get you up and running on the PSAI platform in just a few steps. Follow the instructions below and click on the links provided to get more detailed information and step-by-step screenshots. 



Step 1: Set Up Account

Use the pages highlighted below to make sure your settings are correct! These settings are used to customize your site tools, qualify leads, and connect to your Facebook Business Page.


Company Settings

Go to your Company Settings page to adjust your company settings, including your:

Set up your Facebook Connection here, too, to allow your Ads Manager ads to post directly to your Facebook Business Page.


On the Locations page, add your office locations and adjust the boundaries on the map to precisely mark your service areas.


On the Products & Services page, add the products you offer. (These will be presented to customers in chat, on quote forms, and throughout your PSAI site tools.)



Step 2: Set Up Users

Once your settings are in place, a great next step is to add your team to PSAI.


There are two different types of PSAI users: 

  • Internal
  • External


Internal users are designed for staff members who need log-in access to PSAI. You can control exactly which PSAI tools and features each user is able to access.

Learn how to add a new user, and then find out whether you'd like to create custom user roles.

External Users

External users provide a way to share contacts through the Com Portal (including Predictive Insights™) without granting any kind of log-in access to PSAI.

Learn more about external users or how to add an external user.


Step 3: Launch a Campaign

Now it's time to start putting your PSAI platform to use by launching a campaign! PSAI offers two ways to create AI-powered ads and launch them to Facebook:

  • Storm Campaigns (via the Weather Center)
  • Ads Manager Ads

Start by learning when to use Ads Manager vs. Storm Campaigns.

Weather Center

The Weather Center provides up-to-date weather data and allows you to target custom areas for Facebook ad campaigns.


Here's how to get started:

  1. Get oriented around the PSAI Weather Center, or start with our overview of PSAI Weather technology.
  2. Learn how to look up a storm in a specific location or how to view storms happening now.
  3. Find out how to launch a storm campaign—and get it done in just a few clicks!

Ads Manager

Ads Manager is another way to launch Facebook ad campaigns directly from PSAI. Unlike Storm Campaigns centered on specific weather events, Ads Manager ads can focus on discounts, past project before-and-afters, and more.


Here's how to get started:

  1. Make sure your Facebook is connected.
  2. Learn more about the three types of ad campaigns you can run: promote an offer, show off a recent job, or create your own custom ad.
  3. Get step-by-step instructions for creating an ad campaign in Ads Manager.

Step 4: Set Up Site Tools

PSAI site tools are drop-on apps to help turn more website visitors into leads.


Learn more about each of the site tools and how to get started below.


PSAI's Gia chatbot gives you a way to collect lead information automatically 24/7. Just create the tool in PSAI and then add a few lines of code to your website.

Weather Widget

By adding the weather widget to your website, you can provide free instant storm reports to anyone who fills out the form. You can create your weather widget as an embedded form or a floating button.

Quote Form

They may sound like a basic quote form, but there's so much more you can do with quote forms in PSAI. Like the weather widget, you can create a quote form as an embedded form or a floating button.

Phone Number

PSAI phone numbers allow you to create a trackable phone number using the area code of your choice. Create as many numbers as you'd like and place them on various marketing collateral to monitor performance and engagement.

Facebook Business Chat

By connecting your Facebook Business Chat to PSAI, your Facebook chat leads will flow directly into the Com Portal. Whenever someone sends you a Facebook message, Gia will answer right away.