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Ads Manager vs. Storm Campaigns: When to Use Which

Within your PSAI toolset, there are two easy ways to create and launch customized Facebook ad campaigns:

  • Ads Manager ads
  • Storm campaigns

While both tools make it very easy to reach homeowners, they're each most effective in different scenarios. Learn more about when we recommend using Ads Manager vs. storm campaigns below.

Need a refresher on these tools? Start with our beginners' guide to Ads Manager or learn how to launch a storm campaign.

Ads Manager: Evergreen Retail and Restoration Ads


Recommended Use

Ads Manager ads are great for both retail and restoration projects, and they are highly customizable from your PSAI dashboard. You can select the type of ad to create, customize the copy and imagery, and choose the scope of your homeowner targeting.

These ads are best for "evergreen" content that is not urgent or time-sensitive.

Tips for Success

For the most success with Ads Manager ads, we recommend the following:

  • Highlight key messages: Be as clear as possible regarding what your ad is about. Be sure to name who you are, what you do, and what you're offering to the Facebook user.
  • Use great photos and videos: Eye-catching imagery and video will help your ad stand out on a crowded Facebook feed. Photos should be well lit and easy to comprehend from a glance.
  • Make an offer: Facebook users need a reason to stop scrolling and click on your ad, and people most often respond to special discounts, offers, and sales. We highly recommend making an offer, such as a percent or total dollar amount off.

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Recommended Use

Understanding this important difference can improve how your team responds to both types of leads. You can find more tips on handling storm campaign leads here.