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What Is the Chatbot?

Our AI-powered chatbot GIA is one of the site tools that you can create in PSAI and drop onto your website. GIA allows you to greet website visitors, qualify leads, and gather essential contact information 24/7—without any input from you.


How Does GIA Work?

GIA is a single add-on widget that does the job of many distinct tools in one. By placing her on your website, she will:

  • Answer chat leads instantly 24/7 (or during the hours of your choosing)
  • Qualify/exclude leads based on your company's products and services
  • Qualify/exclude leads based on your company's locations
  • Gather essential contact information so no lead is lost
  • Set soft appointments with customers
  • Automatically flow leads into your Com Portal

As you can see in the screenshot below, GIA uses buttons to provide a simple guided conversation path for visitors to interact with. All users have to do is click the buttons provided, or they can type REP if they prefer to be directed to your team.


Did you know? In addition to your website, Gia can be added to your Facebook Business Page! Learn how to set up Gia chat on Facebook messenger.

Can I Turn GIA Off and On?

Yes! Whenever you create a chatbot (as well as a Facebook Business Chat or a phone number), you can choose exactly when GIA responds on your behalf and when she instead connects the lead directly to your team.

These settings are established whenever you create a GIA chatbot but can be updated at any time. In both cases, they are available in these settings: Location and AI Assisted Lead Qualification.


Here's more information on each option:

  • AI Assisted Chat ONLY: Whenever a lead interacts with this site tool, GIA will collect as much information as possible and then flow the lead into the Com Portal. Your team can follow up later.
  • AI Teamwork: GIA is activated when your office is closed. During business hours, our direct-to-text function will allow your team to reply to all initial inquiries; after hours, GIA will handle inquiries until your team is back.
  • Direct To Text ONLY: Turn GIA off and instead enable direct-to-text function 24/7. Your team can reply to all initial inquiries immediately, regardless of business hours.

You can adjust these settings at any time by returning to your Site Tools dashboard.

How Do I Add GIA to My Website?


Like the other PSAI site tools, it's very easy to add GIA to your website. The basic process is this:

  1. Create a "Chatbot" type site tool
  2. Customize your chatbot as desired
  3. Copy and paste some code to add the chatbot to your website

That's it! As soon as GIA is live on your website, she'll get to work collecting lead information and flowing it into the Com Portal.​

Why Use GIA?

GIA is more than just a chatbot! In addition to instantly replying to leads (like any automated chat tool would), GIA flows those leads into a central hub where you can seamlessly continue the relationship.

Beyond sending chat messages, texts, and emails, the Com Portal gives you access to all kinds of lead management and conversion tools. You can: