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How Many Shapes Should I Draw on the Weather Map?

When targeting a storm (or storms) on the PSAI Weather Map, it's best to draw as many separate shapes as required to stay closely aligned to the storm swaths in question. The closer your shapes are to the individual storm swaths, the more precise your Facebook target audience will be. 

For example, the shape shown below is quite large and contains a lot of non-storm-affected area. This could make it harder for the tool to identify and process the correct target audience on Facebook.


The shapes below, on the other hand, are much better aligned to the actual storm areas, making it easier to accurately calculate your audience.


The bottom line? When in doubt, smaller and more refined shapes are better, even for a relatively small geographic area. It takes only a few extra clicks to draw additional shapes, and doing so will help ensure that your Facebook ad audience can be calculated with the greatest speed and precision.

Aren't familiar with the map-drawing tool? Check out our article on how to draw multiple polygons on the Weather map.

If you have any problems using the PSAI Weather map, the quickest way to get help is through the Help Desk. Fill out a Support ticket at this link, or open the Help widget in the bottom right corner of the screen.