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Com Portal Quick Guide: Where Do I Find...?

The Com Portal is designed to be your single source of communication with leads—regardless of whether they've flowed in through an embedded quote form, an Ads Manager campaign on Facebook, or even by manual entry.

Since the Com Portal is a one-stop shop, there's a ton you can do here. Keep this quick guide handy so you'll know exactly where to find what you need.

Note: Desktop vs. Mobile

On desktop, the Com Portal is divided into three main columns. On mobile, these columns have been broken out onto their own pages, with the third column accessible via the Options menu shown below.


For a more detailed breakdown with screenshots, check out how the Com Portal is organized on desktop and mobile.

Leads Assigned to Me

Use the four lead buckets at the top of the lead queue to quickly sort through all of your PSAI leads:


Once you've clicked into a lead bucket, you can use the search bar to search within that bucket. For instance, let's say you're looking for a lead named John, but all you can remember is that he's most likely assigned to one of your field reps. To find John, you could:

  • Unassigned/new leads (Unassigned)
  • Leads assigned to you (Mine)
  • Closed leads (Closed)
  • Leads assigned to other PSAI users (Assigned) 
  1. Click into "Assigned" to view only the leads assigned to other PSAI users.
  2. Type "John" into the search bar.

Contact Information for a Lead

All of the contact information that a lead has provided will be summarized for you in the right-most column of the Com Portal, under the Household Contacts panel. (The home address and a Google street view map are also prominently displayed at the top of the column.)


Did you know? You can add multiple contacts to a household.

Any contact information that was not furnished by the lead (and was instead matched via AI) will be marked by an orange Recommended tag.


Predictive Insights™

PSAI Predictive Insights™ are also available within the right-hand column of the Com Portal. These insights are automatically calibrated as soon as a lead flows into your Com Portal, giving you critical insights to help you approach each lead with success.

At the top of the column is the Predictive Match Index (PMI), with the more detailed Predictive Portrait below.


Previous Lead Interactions

Depending on the specific information you're looking for, there are two main places where you can review previous interactions with a lead.

Center Column


The first is within the center column. Here you'll find an exact record of the lead's engagement with you, which depending on the type of engagement may include:

Engagement History Panel

The second place to view previous interactions is in the Engagement History panel in the right-hand column. This panel shows all of the activity that has been automatically tracked about this lead, including actions taken by you and by other PSAI users.


Internal Notes 

Any notes taken by you or your team members can be viewed by clicking into the Internal Notes panel within the right-hand column. Along with text-based notes, you can keep attachments here, too.


If you don't already use the notes feature, we strongly recommend it! Noting any unique preferences, worries, or characteristics can ensure that every PSAI user approaches every lead in a way that is comfortable for him or her and that maximizes the chances of conversion.

Option to Create a New Contact

Click pencil icon at the top of the lead queue to create a contact in PSAI. Remember that you can only add a new contact with the intent to send an immediate SMS or email message.


For more complete instructions, read our resource on manually adding a new contact to PSAI.

Lead Data Summaries

There are several ways to view summary information of your leads, depending on the type of information you are looking for.

PSAI Dashboard

You can head out of the Com Portal and back to your PSAI Dashboard for an overview of your lead generation and performance. Use the date range filter at the top to get a more precise view.


Filters in the Com Portal

Within the Com Portal lead queue, you can use the filter tool to display all the leads associated with a specific ad campaign or PSAI app. This can help you gauge how a specific site tool is performing.


Exported Data

Have a particular data point you want to unpack? You can export your entire lead list as a CSV file and then create your own custom spreadsheets in any spreadsheet software or reporting tool of your choice.