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Overview: Predictive Match Index™ (PMI)

As one of PSAI's Predictive Insights™, the Predictive Match Index™ (PMI) is a scale from 1 – 5 that represents how well a contact aligns with the profile of an ideal lead for your company. Learn more about PMIs below.


How Is a PMI Calculated?

PMIs combine hundreds of data points—plus decades of home services industry expertise—to give you more information and guidance on leads than ever before. We've partnered with a deep network of strategic partners so that we can source dynamic, up-to-date customer and property data across a number of key areas.

Important Notes About PMIs

  • PMIs are automatically calibrated whenever a lead enters your Com Portal.
  • The PMI represents how well the household aligns with your ideal customer profile, including both the property itself and the owner(s).
  • PMIs are a dynamic piece of information based on data sources that are updated daily. We recommend recalculating PMIs periodically, especially whenever you rerun leads. (Follow along with our instructions for getting new Predictive Insights.)

Where Are PMIs Displayed?

PMIs are visible within the Com Portal from two key locations: within the lead queue (the left side of the image below) and within an individual's contact details (the right side of the image below).


Want to focus on leads with the highest-value PMIs for your business? You can even filter and sort your lead queue by PMI.

Who Can View the PMI?

Like all other features of PSAI, you are able to control exactly who on your team is able to calculate and view Predictive Insights. Access is set on a user-by-user basis by selecting the appropriate checkboxes.


Can I Share the PMI?

Yes! By adding someone as an external user of PSAI, you can easily share a PMI directly from the Com Portal.


Please refer to these resources for further guidance:

Why Is a PMI Not Calculating for a Lead?

While Predictive Insights will calculate properly the vast majority of the time, there may be some instances where we are unable to provide a PMI due to privacy reasons or incomplete household information. Learn more here.

How Can I Use PMIs Effectively?

PMIs provide unique insight into how closely a lead aligns with your company's ideal customer. One of the most effective ways to utilize this information is to assign sales reps to leads based on the PMI and the rep's personality, approach, and ability to convert.

Get more tips on matching PMIs with reps here. (Link coming soon!)