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Why Are There No Predictive Insights™ for a Lead?

PSAI's Predictive Insights™ are drawn from a deep network of strategic partners based on the most up-to-date data sources. In the vast majority of cases, Predictive Insights will calculate as expected; however, in some cases, we may not be able to provide property or homeowner details.

In these instances, you'll see the message below—either for the property, the homeowner, or both.


The most common reasons for missing Predictive Insights include the following:

  • There's an error or typo in the homeowner name or address. The name and address must match our data sources in order to calculate. 
  • The household contact in PSAI is not the listed owner of the property (perhaps a spouse or family member instead). Again, the owner must match records. 
  • We respect consumer privacy concerns. If the homeowner has opted out of databases and lists, then we will not reveal their personal information.
  • There has been a very recent change in data. For instance, a brand-new owner of a property may not be reflected by our data partners. (Data is updated daily, however, so these gaps should be very short-lived.)

How to Recalculate Predictive Insights

If Predictive Insights were not able to be calculated, you can provide updated information to recalculate them. For the property or the homeowner (or both), simply click Confirm Information.


PSAI will prompt you regarding which information can be updated in order to recalculate the Predictive Insights. You may be asked to update key information like primary contact's name, nickname, home address, and more.

Why do we ask all these questions? We want to ensure the most accurate and highest-quality match. Because PSAI automatically references and compares hundreds of data points, we want to establish as many linkages between them as possible. The more data points we can connect, the more confidence we have that our data is accurate and actionable for your business.

Once you've made the updates to homeowner or property information and have confirmed them, you can immediately calculate a new Predictive Match Index™ and Predictive Portrait™ by clicking See Predictive Insights Now.

For more specific instructions, please follow our article on updating contact information to get new Predictive Insights.


Still Not Getting Predictive Insights?

If you've updated the property or homeowner information and we are still unable to calculate the Predictive Insights, then the homeowner may have opted out of data collection lists sourced by our strategic partners. We respect customer privacy and are unable to share protected information.

However, please keep in mind that our data sources are updated daily, so our Predictive Insights are very dynamic. We'd recommend returning to the lead and trying again in the future, as the data may have changed.

If you have any questions or concerns about Predictive Insights, please fill out a support ticket for our data science team.