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Benefits of Using the Com Portal

With so many different tools available to reach out to your leads, you might be wondering why you should use the PSAI Com Portal. The short answer is that the Com Portal makes it much simpler to communicate with leads because you only have to look in one place.


By using the Com Portal as your primary source of communication, you will be able to:

  • Seamlessly engage with customers in their preferred manner, whether that is chatbot, SMS, or email—without having to switch apps or platforms.
  • Keep track of all your leads in the same location, no matter which PSAI site tool they used to contact you.
  • Automatically record all engagements for up-to-date information as well as future reference. (You can even listen to voicemails and call recordings!)
  • Provide a more streamlined customer experience, as different team members can easily review each lead's activity file and see what needs to happen next.
  • Grant and restrict access via custom user roles, allowing only certain team members to communicate with certain leads.
  • Keep your team on the same page by assigning leads to team members.
  • Look at a lead's activity file and see exactly what they were told, when, and by whom—helping for both record-keeping and customer experience.
  • Prevent manual errors resulting from copying and pasting email addresses, names, or other critical lead contact information.

By directly engaging from the Com Portal rather than an outside tool, you'll also get access to PSAI's exclusive technology and features, including:

Did you know? You can use the Com Portal to message leads who aren't already in your lead queue! Follow these instructions to add a PSAI contact and immediately send an email or SMS message.