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Why Is It Important to Keep Company Settings Updated?

The data saved to your PSAI company settings is used throughout your PSAI tool suite. It's essential to keep your company settings updated to ensure that your platform is working as effectively as possible for your business.

Information from your company settings is used to:

  • Qualify leads
  • Build AI Recommended ads
  • Brand your storm campaign page
  • Engage with leads in the Com Portal
  • Simplify PSAI settings

To Qualify Leads

Our AI chat Bot Gia will pull from the information within your company settings to determine whether leads are qualified or not. Specifically, she will:


Only leads who are within your service areas and interested in your available products will be gathered and sent to the Com Portal, where you can continue the interaction and nurture the lead.

Want to learn more about chatting or using the Com Portal? Learn how to create a chat bot or start with our beginners' guide to the Com Portal.

To Build AI Recommended Ads

Information from your company settings is also used to build AI Recommended ads for you.


Similar to Gia, PSAI will draw from your areas served and your product list to generate high-quality, conversion-focused ads that you can launch in just a few clicks.

Two other key company settings for Ads Manager are your privacy policy and your Facebook connection. Both elements are required to launch ads in Ads Manager.

To Brand Your Storm Campaign Landing Page

The logo that you save in your company settings will appear at the top of the form on your storm campaign landing page, as shown below.


This is an important trust-building element as it connects the branding on your Facebook ad to the branding on this storm campaign landing page.

To Engage with Leads in the Com Portal

Several of your company settings will be used whenever you engage with leads in the Com Portal. This includes your:


To Simplify PSAI Settings

The information saved to your company settings will also help streamline various other processes in PSAI.

For example, PSAI will automatically suggest your website URL as an "allowed URL" whenever you create a site tool—as long as it's saved to your company settings! Similarly, PSAI will autosuggest phone numbers and email addresses for lead notifications (shown below) if that information is saved to your PSAI users' accounts. 




Get more information on updating key pieces of your company settings:

  1. Compare a lead's home address with your designated locations in Location Manager
  2. Offer the products saved to your Products & Services page