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Why Do I Need a Privacy Policy?

Because ads created in Ads Manager are posted on Facebook, your company must comply with Facebook's requirements regarding privacy policies. Without a privacy policy in place, you will not be able to use Facebook lead ads, which means that you will not be able to use Ads Manager.

Learn more about Facebook's privacy policy requirements directly from their help desk:

Example of a Privacy Policy

You've probably seen privacy policies all around the internet, but here's an example. Your privacy policy can simply be a page with text, explaining key information like what data you collect, who has access, and whether that information is shared or not.


How to Complete Your Privacy Policy Set-Up

To help ensure that you are in compliance with Facebook's requirements, we've created an appropriate privacy policy that you can simply copy and paste onto your website. It's very easy to do and takes just a few minutes.

To set up your required privacy policy, follow these steps.

1. Add a Privacy Policy to Your Site

Follow these instructions to add a privacy policy to your website.


2. Link Your Privacy Policy in PSAI

Paste the link to your privacy policy page within your PSAI Company Settings.


New to Ads Manager? For a step-by-step guided tour that helps you set up Ads Manager—including your company's privacy policy—go to Ads Manager and click Get Started.