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Internal Users vs. External Users


Within PSAI, you can add team members as two different types of users depending on your company's needs:

  • Internal users
  • External users

Internal Users

Internal users have log in access to PSAI, so they'll be able to log into your PSAI platform and take advantage of any and all of the tools—but only the ones that you choose to grant access to. When adding a new user, you'll be able to strictly control their platform access (shown below), giving them a pre-set role or creating a new role with custom permissions. 


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External Users

External users do not have login access to PSAI. However, by adding an external user, you can seamlessly share lead details via email and/or SMS, as shown below.


External users are most often used for sales teams, allowing you to share key insights (like storm reports, PMIs, and Predictive Insights™) without granting these users login access. You may also decide to add other frequently contacted people as external users, such as insurance agents.

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