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How to Add Your Company's Review Sites to PSAI

Customer reviews are one of the best ways to establish trust, credibility, and professionalism among your target audience. That's why PSAI makes it easy to request both on-site and third-party reviews directly through the Com Portal.

In order to request a review, you'll first need to add your company's review sites to your PSAI admin account. Follow the instructions below.

1. Go to Review Sites

After logging into PSAI, click Account from the lower left corner.


Then click Review Sites.


2. Add Your Review Site URLs

On the Review Sites page, simply copy and paste your review site URLs into the appropriate fields. 


To make sure you input the correct URL, we recommend opening your review site's web page in another tab of your internet browser. Then copy the URL directly from the navigation bar and paste it here into PSAI.

Please note that in addition to third-party review sites, you can also add your website to the Our Website field! If you are linking to your own website, be sure to provide the URL for the reviews page—not just the home page.

Don't see your favorite review site on this list? Fill out a support ticket to let us know which review site you'd like to see added.

3. Save Your Changes

After you've pasted all of the URLs you want, save your changes.




Now that you've added your company's review sites to your PSAI account, you and your team can seamlessly request customer reviews through the Com Portal. Learn how to request a review here.