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How Do I Cancel My PSAI Account?

To cancel your PSAI account, please submit a ticket through this link or by opening the Help widget in the bottom right corner of your screen. For the quickest service from our Finance department, please write "Cancellation" as the subject of your help ticket.

Once your cancellation has been processed, you will lose access to the PSAI admin portal and your apps will no longer work. To retain the lead information you've collected, be sure to export your lead data out of PSAI first.

Before You Cancel, Can We Help You?

We hate to see you go! Can we help you instead? Before you request PSAI cancellation, we would be happy to work with you to address whatever concern is motivating your decision to cancel. Please provide as much detail as possible when completing your help ticket, and one of our account managers will work with you personally to see whether we can address the issue.

There may a simple fix to the frustration you're experiencing—like adjusting your lead notification settings, tweaking your apps' customization and set-up, or changing how you assign user roles to your team. Even if the issue is more complex, we can work with you to try to solve it before you cancel your PSAI account.

Help Desk Resources You Might Like Before Requesting Cancellation

  • Cancelling because storm season is over? Check out some effective ways to use the PSAI Weather tool year-round. (Article coming soon!) You could also get value from previous leads by launching a re-marketing campaign to homeowners affected by recent or historical storms. If you'd like assistance with this, submit a help ticket to inquire about our supplemental services.
  • Not getting the reach you expected from your storm campaign? Make sure you're following storm campaign best practices and managing your storm leads effectively. If you're concerned about your Facebook ad reach, submit a ticket so we can look into it.
  • Not seeing enough leads come in through your PSAI apps? Our apps are very effective at converting your website visitors, but your site needs to be attracting enough visitors in the first place. If you aren't getting enough baseline traffic, then you may need to explore ways to increase website traffic through content strategy and paid search. You can also submit a help ticket to inquire about help with paid search.