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PSAI Phone Numbers: Lead Calls vs. Lead Texts

PSAI phone numbers are capable of receiving both voice calls and SMS messages. To make these dual-function phone numbers simple for your team to use, PSAI software responds automatically based on how the lead has chosen to interact with you.

Learn what to expect from phone call leads as well as SMS leads below.

When a Lead Calls Your PSAI Number

Whenever a lead calls your PSAI phone number, it will automatically forward to the phone number you selected when you created the site tool. 

 In real time, the contact file will appear in the Com Portal with a call status of "In Progress."


Here's what happens next:

  • If you're available, you can answer the phone and complete the phone conversation like any other. You can even edit the lead's contact information in PSAI while you're on the phone! The call will also be recorded and saved to the customer's lead file.
  • If you are unavailable and do not answer the call, then the lead can leave you a voice message. This voicemail will be recorded and saved in the Com Portal. You can follow up by sending a text in the Com Portal or by calling back from your standard office line.

For additional tips and guidance, check out our playbook of best practices for a PSAI phone call lead. (Link coming soon!)

When a Lead Texts Your PSAI Number

Whenever a lead sends a text message to your PSAI phone number, they will be responded to 24/7 by our AI-powered Chat Bot, Gia. Gia will collect the essential customer information on your behalf to help qualify and categorize the lead.

At your convenience, you can find and view the entire SMS conversation in the Com Portal, marked as a yellow-orange SMS lead.


At any time, you can continue the conversation through SMS by typing into the dialogue box and clicking "Send." (You can send text as well as PDF/image attachments, storm reports, and more!)


Get more strategies and tips our playbook of best practices for an SMS lead. (Link coming soon!)