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Overview: What Are Site Conversion Tools?

In PSAI, the term "site conversion tool" refers to the various means through which customers can interact with your company. Most (but not all) site conversion tools will be displayed on your website, and they all flow lead interactions into your Com Portal.

What Are the Different Site Tools?


As shown in the screenshot just above, site tools include the following:

Site tools are also referred to as marketing sources or lead conversion tools, as they're all focused on converting leads into happy customers.

Where Do I Find Site Tools?

Log into your PSAI admin portal and click Site Tools.


This will bring you to your Site Conversion Tools dashboard shown below.


Whenever you want to add, edit, share, or delete a site tool, just come to this page! All site tools are displayed from newest to oldest, and you can use the filters or search bar at the top of the page to find a specific tool.

Beginner Tips for Site Conversion Tools

  • Site tools are where your PSAI leads come from. You'll first create the site tool and then (in most cases, but not always) add it to your website. Once it's there, your leads will automatically flow into your Com Portal.
  • In your Com Portal, every lead will be identified by site tool. You'll know exactly where your leads are coming from and can edit your site tools over time based on how they are performing.
  • You can have multiple site tools on your website, even of the same type! For example, maybe you have three different Quote Forms, each targeted toward to a different offer and placed on a unique landing page. 
  • The total number of site tools available to you depends on your subscription level.
  • Creating site tools is the first step, but follow-up is just as important! Learn more about interacting with leads in the Com Portal to make sure you're engaging these leads effectively.



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