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Overview: Using Endpoints to Flow PSAI Leads to a CRM

Whenever you create a new site tool (or Ads Manager ad or storm campaign), there is an optional field for Endpoints. Learn more about endpoints and how they work below.

What Are Endpoints?

Endpoints are used to send PSAI lead information into an external platform, like a CRM. 

By adding an endpoint, PSAI leads from that ad or site tool will be automatically sent to the URL (or "endpoint") that you have specified. For example, a lead submission from a storm campaign would be automatically routed into your specified endpoint (as well as your PSAI Com Portal). 

In simple terms, an endpoint is just a URL, for example:


Where Do I Add Endpoints?

You can enter a single endpoint or multiple endpoints into the Endpoints field of any Ads Manager ad, PSAI site tool, or storm campaign. Endpoints are managed on an app-by-app and ad-by-ad basis.

As shown below, you'll simply expand the Advanced field and then type/paste your desired endpoint(s) into the text box.


Did you know? If you're a LISA customer, then your LISA admin URL and Visual Quoter URL will both be automatically populated for you. This makes it easy to flow your PSAI leads into your LISA admin!

Learn more about how and where to paste endpoints in these related resources:

Do I Need to Add an Endpoint?

No, the endpoint field is optional as not all companies use a CRM and not all companies that use a CRM want to connect PSAI leads to it. It's completely up to you.

If you do not use an external CRM or do not want to flow PSAI leads to that CRM for whatever reason, then you can leave this field blank.

How Do I Find the Right Endpoint to Add?

If you do want to have PSAI information sent to your CRM, you'll need to determine where you want the lead information to go within your CRM and then locate or configure the correct endpoint URL. If your CRM doesn't have an established endpoint that they use for customers, then one may need to be created for you.

This process varies based on each individual CRM provider, so we recommend speaking with your CRM's Support team for accurate guidance.

If you have questions about using endpoints, please contact PSAI Support. Use this link to submit a Support ticket, or open the Help widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.