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Overview: Integrating Your CRM with PSAI Site Tools Using Zapier

PSAI integrates with the leading CRMs to ensure your team never misses an opportunity. With comprehensive tracking and proper lead dispositioning, stay on top of your lead flow and understand your marketing performance without having to manage multiple tools. 

You can integrate your CRM with the PSAI Platform using Zapier to connect the two. 

Read through the articles below to learn step-by-step how to connect your platforms and enjoy a seamless lead flow experience!

Three Steps to Integrate Your CRM with PSAI Using Zapier

  1. ​How to Create a Zap to Integrate PSAI with Your CRM
  2.  How to Add a Webhook URL to a PSAI Site Tool
  3.  How to Test and Publish a Zapier Integration with Your CRM

Even when you've set additional lead flow rules to an external CRM, your leads will continue to flow into your PSAI Com Portal. Learn how to use the Com Portal effectively—including our AI-powered Predictive Portraits—in these resources:​

Interested in flowing Site Tool leads to a CRM without using Zapier? Learn how to do this here!