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Overview: How to Add a Floating Chat, Form, or Weather Widget to Your Site

Instructions for adding a "floating" element (such as a Chat, Quote Form, or Weather Widget) to your website will vary based on the website builder or host that you use. In general, the process takes just a few minutes and requires two main steps: 1) copying the code from PSAI and 2) pasting it into the appropriate spot on your website.

Visit the links below for specific instructions based on your website platform:

Have a GoDaddy website? Unfortunately, GoDaddy does not allow floating elements on websites created through their website builder. You would have to use an embedded element instead.

If you do not see your website platform on the list and are having trouble adding a floating Weather, Form, or Chat app, please submit a Support ticket. Use this link to send in your ticket, or open the Help widget in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.