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How to View Your Ads' Leads

After you've launched an ad through Ads Manager, Facebook users will see your ad and engage with it by filling out the lead form. When they do, they'll be immediately flowed into your Com Portal, where you can communicate by SMS or email to nurture the lead through your sales funnel.

There are two different ways to view the leads that have come in through your Facebook ads:

  1. From Ads Manager: Find the ad and click "View Leads."
  2. From the Com Portal: Filter all leads based on the ad campaign name.

Option #1: From Ads Manager

1. Find Your Ad

From Ads Manager, go to the "Your Team Ads" section and find the ad you're looking for. You can use the ad filters to help narrow down your search.


2. Click "Reports"

To open the ad's details, click edit.

From the card view, the "Reports" button is visible right on the card.


If you're using the alternate list view, then click the three-dots menu and then click "Reports."


3. Go to the Performance Tab

When you click "Edit," you'll first be brought to the Ad Settings page. From the right-hand column, click "Performance" to view the Performance page. (Learn more about your ad's performance metrics here.)

Then click "View Leads" underneath the chart.


Note that the link to "View Leads" will only appear if your ad has leads and if the currently logged in PSAI user has the right permissions to view those leads in the Com Portal. (Learn more about individual user permissions here.)

4. View Your Leads in the Com Portal

Once you click to view leads, you'll be taken directly to your Com Portal with the appropriate filter already applied.


From here, you can take any of the Com Portal actions, such as:

Check out our full guide to the Com Portal for more how-tos and tips.

Option #2: From the Com Portal

1. Go to the Com Portal

Navigate to the Com Portal by clicking "Com Portal" in the left-hand tool bar.


2. Click "Filters"

From the top of the lead queue (the left-hand column), click "Filters" to bring up the filtering options.


3. Apply Your Filter

To find leads associated with a specific ad campaign, look for the name of the ad at the bottom of the filters panel. (This will be the name you chose whenever you created the ad in Ads Manager.)


Using the filters, you can select one ad at a time (in the example above, it's the "Windows - Chicago, IL 60606" ad campaign). Click "Apply" to set your filter and view only the filtered leads in the lead queue.

You can double-check which filter is currently active, as it's listed at the top of the column.


From here, you can take all of the normal Com Portal actions—like starting an SMS conversation, sending an instant weather return, assigning the lead to a PSAI user, and more.

Find out more about successfully engaging with leads in our beginners' guide to the Com Portal.