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How to Update Lead Notifications for Facebook Ads

Whenever you launched your Facebook ad in Ads Manager, you were required to add at least one email address to be notified when new leads come in. If you later decide that you want to change these lead notification settings, you can do so at any time.

Follow the instructions below.

1. Go to Ads Manager

Navigate to Ads Manager by clicking "Manage" in the left-hand toolbar.


2. Find the Ad in Question

Scroll down to "Your Team Ads" to find the ad for which you'd like to edit the lead notifications. Use our filtering tips if you need some help locating your ad!


3. Click "Edit"

Once you've located the ad, click the "Edit" button.

On the default card view, this button is located at the bottom of the card.


On the list view, you can access this button by first clicking the three-dots menu. 


4. Go to "Launch Parameters"

When you click the "Edit" button, you'll first be brought to the "Ad Settings" screen. From the right-hand column, click "Launch Parameters" to go to that page.


5. Edit the Notification Settings (Email or SMS)

On the Launch Parameters page, scroll down to the section for Notifications. Here, you can add a new email, add a new SMS number, or delete an existing email/SMS.

Note that you can add any email or valid mobile number to these fields. The person you're notifying does not have to be an official PSAI User.


After you've typed in the new email or SMS, be sure to click the blue plus sign (+) button to actually save the new information.


6. Click "Save"

You can tell that your new email address has been added because it will show up as a little box under the field. When you're done adding new email addresses or SMS numbers, click "Save" to finalize your lead notification changes.


Keeping your Ads Manager lead notification settings up-to-date will help ensure that leads are being followed up with in a timely manner. Remember that your Ads Manager leads will flow directly into your Com Portal, where you can send SMS messages, emails, instant weather returns, review requests, and more.

Learn how to use the Com Portal for effective lead communications.