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How to Change My Facebook Connection

If you'd like to change the Facebook Business Page that is tied to your PSAI company account, follow the instructions below. Changing your Facebook connection in this way will change the Facebook account from which Ads Manager ads are posted.

Note that you must be the owner of the Facebook page, not simply an Admin, to follow these instructions. (Here's how to check Facebook page ownership.)

1. Go to Company Settings

Navigate to your settings within PSAI by clicking Account.


2. Scroll to Facebook Connection

Scroll down to the field titled Your Facebook Connection. Here you'll see your currently connected Facebook page.


3. Click the Link to Choose Another Page

Below the field, click the link for "Click here to see..."


4. Complete the Guided Steps

Follow the steps and screens provided to change your Facebook connection.

If you are already logged into Facebook from your current browser, then it will suggest your personal Facebook account for you. (Remember that you'll always sign in from a personal Facebook account when setting up your Facebook connection.)


After this initial screen, you'll simply continue with the steps as prompted to complete your new Facebook connection.

If you'd like to view screenshots for each step, please go to Step 4 of our Facebook connection article.